The lens into another place
2 January 2019

Last year I found my art to be a bit lacklustre, I don’t feel like i’ve gotten better since last time I had a crack at a drawing. So i decided to dedicate the start of the year to reflection and development. Something I’ve found really facinating is Twin Peaks’ depiction of two opposites existing in parallel, like being inside and outside at the same time. I tried to get that feeling here.

While reflecting, I went looking for some new art and found amazing artists that inspired me to breathe life into my own style:

Jules (@Cy_lindric) cy-lindric picture

Sachin Teng(@SachinTeng) SachinTeng picture

Over time i’ve collected a huge folder of reference images, as catalysts for concepts at a later date. One of which is a book on abstract photography called Shape of Light, with photographs from the Tate Moderns exhibition of the same name. I find abstract photos are high fedelity enough to give you an idea without describing any specific place or scenario. If you’re having an art block, I reccomend.

shape of light book cover

In this year I want to check that folder more often, flick through, get inspired and clear asside time to make more thoroughly planned drawings. I haven’t been satisfied with a drawing I’ve done in a while:

Grey sitting in window

Chevron hakama trousers
12 December 2018

I was inspired by a piece of art I saw at the Jameel Prize 5 exhibition at the V&A earlier this year. The Jameel Prize celebrates contemporary ...

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A short poem about death an...
25 April 2019

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