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Client: Sunlight After Dark
Role: Illustration • Game Design • Development
Platform: Windows • Mac
An Action RPG where you play as a vampire who's lost their home. Forced to travel through haunted and warring lands, you learn magic words and make alliances, in hopes of finding solace.

Wintercast is a personal project, with the goal of releasing chapters of the story as individual games, over time. I'm currently building the demo in Unity.

Game Design

The core mechanic is the magic casting system, where players type out words to cast spells in real time. Spell words can be combined to create synergies, as spells in combination change their effects.

Spells can have multiple uses, in and out of combat. For example, the "kindle" spell sets alight anything that burns, whether it's a campfire or someones clothes.

Book UI
Story and Characters

In Wintercast, you play as a vampire, and as such, are hunted. In order to protect yourself, you can either fight back or attempt to forge bonds with other characters who offer you protection.

Fighting can be dangerous, and the only way to replenish your health is to drink blood, but doing so will change how people see you, making it harder to befriend others.

By making friends and gain companions, you'll change your social status with different factions and who you surround yourself with, which will change the players narrative.

The way you affect the world around you is very granular. For example, if you fight the paperboy they'll stop delivering to you, whereas if you befriend them, they could get you a job later. Your individual actions have a global effect on the world's culture.

wintercast characters
Game art
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