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Client: 100 Emoji Ltd
Role: UI • UX • Branding
Platform: Android • IOS
Split this is a cost sharing app which allows you to plan for, track, and settle up costs between groups.

As lead designer, I defined the app's visual language; the logo, colour palettes, UI, and illustration. I delivered wireframes, app architecture and tested user flow, for both Android and IOS.

The Design Process

I lead the design development from early stages to release. Beginning by brainstorming visuals, mapping user flows and structure, while keeping in mind potential directions for additional functionality.

Split This sketches
IOS screens

Split This was designed with the IOS Human Interface Guidelines and Androids Material Components as the base for the component libraries, to maximize platform recognizability and reduce development time. I worked closely with the developers to ensure parity between platforms. Icons were made to describe categories of costs.

Split this branding Split this branding Split this branding
USP Features

The app made use of newly changed banking legislation, which allowed us to give the user the option to split a cost at point of purchase directly with traditional banks. Because of this, we were able to create a service that could send and request money from any bank.

Users are able to create costs for planning purchases, and manage them using chat threads. Chats are flexible; they can be used for such costs as house bills, dinner tabs or planning a group holiday. We found when the purchase is the topic, discussion is kept focused on a specific cost, unlike group chats in other messaging apps.

Split this cost flow