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Client: NHSx
Role: UX
Platform: Web • Mobile
NHSx is a joint unit of NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care, supporting local NHS and care organisations to create digital services.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, I was tasked with designing the UX for the process of applying for, ordering, and taking an antibody test. This involved creating user flows and building interactive wireframes for rapid iterative testing. All while keeping in mind how it'll be integrated with other NHSx technologies and services, as well as designing inside gov.uk and NHS style guidelines.

The Design Process

As a part of the design team, I spent many workshops nailing down who would use this service and how, sketching user flows and anticipating pain points until I had a clear enough overview to create the initial wireframes.

The main challenge I faced was figuring out how to take users who are concerned for their health, and educate them on what to do next, while keeping to the government's rapidly changing covid response programme.

nhsx design journey
nhsx appflow
User Flow

A user would begin their journey on gov.uk or nhs.uk and need sorting into the correct flow. This involved verifying identity, signing up to the service, booking appointments and ordering test kits. As there were many teams working on similar projects at the time within NHSx, I was also required to figure out how to hook the services up together, and make use of patterns already designed.

nhsx user flow diagram
nhsx user flow screenshot
Webapp design

The webapp would be a tool for users to walk themselves through administering a home test. The test involved using equipment to take a blood sample, taking a photo of their test and understanding the result.

A lot of user testing was done to ensure potential users would be comfortable with the process, as it does involve taking a sample of your own blood. A user would be able to preview the test instructions in the app, and the entire process could be done hands-free.

nhsx UI
nhsx UI
nhsx appflow