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Client: Coefficient
Role: Branding • Web design • Web development
Platform: Web
Coefficient is a data consultancy offering data science, engineering, machine learning and other AI-related services as well as bespoke training courses.

Working closely with the founder, I designed and developed the brand identity; how the business is described visually and how to talk to the audience. Delivered a one-page website with fonts, logos and colour guidelines, as well as various graphics and copy.

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The Design Process

I began by researching the competition and conducting interviews with the stakeholders. I then distilled the feedback into insights in order to identify key directions. From there, we started ideating with mood boards, to help narrow the direction for the brand aesthetic.

In Coefficient’s case, a key finding was that Coefficient should make complicated skills feel approachable. So I leaned into exploring friendly visual descriptions of computation and algorithms, specifically patterns in nature, as well as technical things that add an element of fun.

Coefficient moodboard
Brand Design

Creating and reviewing mood boards was repeated, further refining the direction, until I discovered connections between the remaining images. At that point, we had a checklist of concepts that the brand needed to convey. As we already had a brand name, I began ideating potential logo directions, followed by discovering the typeface and the written tone of voice.

Coefficient’s logo alludes to describing data analysis via the overlapping of graphs, and like a Venn diagram, the relationship between coefficient and their client is collaborative. Using warm and engaging colours with a soft and flowing shape kept it feeling friendly. The type kept lower case to emphasize the humbleness. The italics are helpful as the f's are reminiscent of a mathematical integral symbol, maintaining a technical feel.

Coefficient logo colors Coefficient type
Hand off

The one-page site was to be built on Squarespace, to allow easy future editing for the team. All the assets used were put into a pack for re-use on the relevant platforms, such as for use on social media or in company documents.

Coefficient website page Coefficient website page Coefficient website page Coefficient website page